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TopOption Review | Regulated Binary Option Broker

Company Name Regulation US Clients Payout Min. Deposit Bonus Special Offer
Up to 95%  Up to 30% or $5,000 Reliable Broker As Well As Super Guide



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Those who want to invest in binary options, they should definitely do the trading with because binary options is one of the most sensitive investment and you need a specialist who not only invests your money, but also guide you and offer you all those services. They can help you with all kinds of trading such as high/low and touch or not touch. They offer helpful information regarding market condition and they also offer a demo account. Feature that stands them apart is their average return on investment that is nearly 85%.Topoption is a reliable broker as well as superb Guide


Bucket of unlimited offers & account insurance

Unlike other broker they don't have boundaries for particular intervals, while dealing with them you can invest in various intervals, minimum interval offered by them is 60 seconds and the maximum they offer is end of the month. Besides that their security system is very reliable as they use the same security encryption that used in leading banks. If you're among those guys who are too concerned about their monetary security then you must know that they offer insurance on accounts that worth around 20, 000 Euros.

Knowledgeable training classes

Those who are new to binary option investment they should surely join them as they guide you through the procedure. It can be a learning opportunity for you; they offer training through various mediums like training videos, professional guidance and even through e-books. They also offer web seminar for their clients. Besides that you also get benefits of option builder so that you can estimate your profits & loss before investing, this can surely help you in avoiding loss. Unlike other brokers they do not charge commission for trading transactions, retrieving transactions as well as on storage., overall

They are not just broker they are like guide that gives you tips at every required situation. Considering their services and incredible 85% average return, should be your first choice for broker while trading in binary options.



Is TopOption binary platform eligible for you?

However, TopOption is a new entrance in the field of binary options trading, but its connection to Forex broker adds to its experience and that's the reason it has chosen the SpotOption platform for its binary option trading. This platform is used in most of the trading broker firms. TopOption binary platform is user-friendly and enables you to trade in the easiest way.

Let's take a look at, is TopOption binary platform eligible for you?

Impressive features of Rollover

In TopOption binary options trading platform you can order your bet through call or put mode. One of the significant features of this platform is that it enables you for "Rollover". Rollover means you can leave your position and sell your bet at any time in the middle of the interval, where the price will be decided by the broker firm. You also have choice to shift your option till the next maturity. Besides that it also allowed you to double your bet during the running interval.



Favourable services of Webtrader

This platform will not disappoint those who love to use webtrader; it enables you to use two pairs at the same time. We must say that being a new broker it offers impressive service. It can save you from the inconvenience of shifting to one page to another to look at history of your positions; you can find them near the charts on the trading platform. You can either trade in the up/down binary options or Option Builder mode, where you can choose your desired asset, maturity, investment as well as the profit. Their latest suggested modes are One Touch and 60 seconds. One Touch is only open on weekends and on the other hand 60 seconds mode can pocket you minimum profit of 70% percent.

Overall, TopOption Binary Platform

Considering, their connection with a reputed broker firm, impressive features of rollover and magnificent choices of webtrader, it definitely has a great future for binary options traders.

What should you consider before reacting to plans in TopOption newsletter?

TopOption newsletter offered by broker firm periodically that includes future trading options and suggestions. These newsletters are great help for those traders who are new to binary options trading and obviously these newsletters or service options enable you to plan for big things in the future. These are potentially profitable source, although you need to consider a few things while going through newsletter.

Let's discuss what should you consider before reacting to plans in this newsletter?

Things you should consider before the action


· Compare different plans. There will be a few plans, but you need to determine which plan is good for you and suits your pockets. You can determine this by comparing those plans on the basis of various necessary things. You need to solve a few queries through this comparison like, Are this plans are applicable for longer periods? How much you need to pay per month or yearly? Is the return will justify your invested amount? After solving these questions, you can move on with your plans.


· Understand the plan. There will be many attractive money savings plans and discounts, but you cannot opt for such type of plans that you don't understand. You must have a strategy to execute the plan; if you don't have an effective plan then eventually you will end up wasting your time & money. Remember, attractiveness of plan doesn't matter if you cannot execute it well.


· Basic investment. You need to determine that how much money you have to invest in certain service or plan and how much of your deposit will remain after execute plan or service. You can do this with the help of customer care services of TopOption.


· Free trial. As a fresher trader you should always look for free trials as they can increase your skills and make you a better binary options trader. So, you must check if there is any certain service that includes free trial.