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Up to 95%  Up to 30% or $5,000


What Does TopOption Demo Account Include?

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TopOption demo account is a genuine help for fresher binary options traders, it enables them to bet fun money and get experience of binary option traders.


There is a wrong perception in people about demo account. Those who are unaware of TopOption think that demo accounts are free of cost, but this is only the half truth.


Reality is that they are free although you need to deposit minimum amount of $100 to create an account. Deposit is only required to create an account although trading on demo account is free. Let's discuss what does TopOption demo account include?

How can TopOption demo account train you?

Demo accounts are offered by TopOption with a view to help its clients to get familiar with binary options. Under this, you can trade in binary options with fun money and you can even learn about technical aspects of market.


Remember, demo accounts are equal to your training session and hence, you should do trading exactly like you're planning to do in future with real money. In case, you trade big money that you have no plans to trade in future then you may miss this incredible training session.


You can do big trading to get idea, but overall you should trade according to your future plans.

Validity of Demo Account

The fact that demo account is free of cost so it can't be last forever. Hence, there is a particular period for expiry date of demo account. An important fact is that mostly people switch to demo account because they want to learn and to get experience, but those who cannot learn enough in limited time to trade with real money can extend their demo period with a minor additional amount. This can help you in getting experience before trading for real money.


Demo account enables you to become a master in binary options.